воскресенье, 24 августа 2014 г.

Английский язык. Passive Voice. Тест для самопроверки.

1. It seems to me that music (to hear) from the next room
is being heard
is heard
was heard

2. The article (to publish) last week, if I am not mistaken
was published

3. We (to show) the historical monuments of the capital to the delegation
are shown
is shown

4. The poem was so beautiful that it (to learn) by everybody
was learnt
will be learnt

5. He (to give) me this book next week
will give
will be given

6. Moscow University (to found) by Lomonosov
was founded

7. The rule explained by the teacher at the last lesson (to undertand) by all of us
was understood
is understood
had been understood

8. Yesterday he (to tell) to prepare a speech
was told

9. Nobody (to see) him yesterday
was seen
were seen

10. I hope the invitation (to accept) by everybody
will be accepted
was accepted
is accepted

11. Budapest (to divide) by the Danube into two parts: Buda and Pest
is divided
was divided
is being divided

12. The telegram (to receive) tomorrow
will be received
was received

13. A taxi (to call) fifteen minutes ago, so we are expecting it any moment
was called
is called
is being called

14. The book (to discuss) at the next conference
will be discussed
was discussed
will discuss

15. Soon he (to send) to a sanatorium
will be sent
will sent

16. At the last competition the first prize (to win) by our team
was won

17. The letter (to post) in half an hour
will be posted
was posted
is posted
will post

18. Yuri Dolgoruki (to found) Moscow in 1147founded

19. The question (to settle) as soon as they arrived
was settled
will be settled

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