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Бесплатный тест Английский язык. Present Continuous, Present Simple. Тест для самопроверки

1. Порядок слов в предложении
1 are
2 they
3 playing
4 in the room now?
2. What your sister (to do) now? – She (to wash) her face and hands.
is … doing, washes
is … doing, is washing
does … do, washes
does … do, is washing
3. Look! Kate (to dance).
is dancing
4. Where he (to go) in the morning?
is …going
does … go
do … go
5. I (to read) books in the evening. I (not to read) books in the morning.
read, do not read
am reading, do not read
reads, am not reading
am reading, am not reading
6. My father (not to sleep) now. He (to work) in the garden.
is not sleeping, is working
is not sleeping, works
does not sleep, is working
does not sleep, works
7. Listen! Who (to play) the piano in the next room?
is playing
8. He …his mother every day.
does not help
do not help
is not helping
9. I’m sorry, I … (not / to understand). Please speak more slowly.
do not understand
am not understanding
does not understand
10. They (not to go) for a walk in the evening.
do not go
don’t go

11. Your sister (to study) at an institute? – No, she (to study) at school.
does … study, studies
is … studying, is studying
does … study, is studying
do … study, studies
12. My grandmother (not to work). She is on pension.
is not working
doesn’t work
do not work
13. I (not to drink) coffee now. I (to write) an English exercise.
am not drinking, write
am not drinking, am writing
do not drink, am writing
do not drink, write
14. You can turn off the radio. I … (not / to listen) to it.
am not listening
do not listen
does not listen
15. Where your cousin (to work)? – He (to work) at a hospital.
does … work, works
do … work, is working
is … working, works
is … working, is working
16. My cousin (to go) to school every day.
17. The baby always (to sleep) after dinner.
is sleeping
18. They … (not /to watch) television very often.
are not watching
do not watch
does not watch
19. What time … she (to finish) work every day?
does … finish
does … finishes
is … finishing
20. When you usually (to come) home from school? – I (to come) at three o’clock.
do …come, come
does … come, come
are … coming, am coming
do … come, am coming
21. Excuse me, but you … (to sit) in my place. Oh, I’m sorry.
are sitting
22. I (not to drink) coffee in the evening. I (to drink) coffee in the morning.
do not drink, drink
am not drinking, drink
do not drink, am drinking
drinks, drinks
23. Порядок слов в предложении
my friend 
2 doesn’t like
3 to play
4 football
24. Look! The baby (to sleep).
is sleeping
25. My mother (not to play) the piano now. She (to play) the piano in the morning.
is not playing, plays
is not playing, is playing
does not play, plays
26. Who … reading the newspaper?
27. Порядок слов в предложении
3 help
4 his mother
5 every day?
28. Порядок слов в предложении
3 go
4 to school
5 on Sunday?
29. I usually (to get) up at seven o’clock in the morning.
is getting
30. My father (not to work) on Sunday.
does not work
doesn’t work
31. Tom … (to have) a shower at the moment.
is having
32. Where John (to live)? – He (to live) in England.
does … live, lives
is … living, lives
is … living, is living
does … live, is living
33. They (to do) their homework in the afternoon.
34. He … (not / usually / drive) to work. He usually … (walk).
does not drive, walks
does not drive, is walking
is not driving, walks
35. Where are you, Roy? – I’m in the sitting-room. I … (read).
am reading

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