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Бесплатный тест Английский язык. Tences active voice. Тест для самопроверки.

1. Light (to travel) more quickly than sound.
is traveling
2. What he (to do) when you (to see) him yesterday?
was … doing, saw
did … do, saw
was… doing, was seeing
3. If you (to ring) me up tomorrow, I (to tell) you all about it.
ring, will tell
will ring, will tell
ring, tell
4. Peter (to read) by the fireplace when the door (to open).
was reading, opened
read, opened
read, was opening
was reading, was opening
5. Yesterday the children (to do) all their homework before their mother (to come) home.
had done, came
did, came
were doing, came
did, were coming
6. On leaving the hall the students (to thank) the professor who (to deliver) the lecture.
thank, deliver
thanked, had delivered
had thanked, had delivered
7. When I (to enter) the hall, the students (to listen) to a very interesting lecture.
entered, were listening
was entering, listened
was entering, were listening
entered, listened
8. He quickly forgot everything he (to learn) at school.
had learnt
was learning
9. Yesterday by eight o’clock he (to finish) all his homework, and when I (to come) to his place at nine, he (to read).
had finished, came, was reading
finished, came, was reading
had finished, had come, was reading
10. First I (to answer) the phone, and then I read your letter.
was answering

11. The lesson (not yet to begin), and the children (to talk) loudly in the corridor.
had not begun, were talking
had not begun, was talking
has not begun, were talking
12. A great number of students (to study) in the reading hall when I (to enter) it last night.
was studying, entered
studied, was entering
was studying, was entering
were studying, entered
13. I (to give) you this book when I (to finish) reading it.
will give, finish
will give, will finish
give, finish
14. By the fifteenth of January the students (to pass) all the examinations.
had passed
have passed
15. I (not to receive) the visa yet.
haven’t received
hadn’t received
16. He (to read) a book at 5 o’clock yesterday.
was reading
17. When morning came, the storm already (to stop), but the snow still (to fall).
had stopped, was falling
stopped, was falling
had stopped, had fallen
18. When the ship (to cross) the ocean, a great storm (to break) out.
was crossing, broke
crossed, broke
crossed, was breaking
19. When I (to wash) the telephone (to ring).
was washing, rang
washed, rang
washed, was ringing
20. Don’t go to Nick’s place! He (to work).
is working
21. We already (to cover) about ten miles when Peter suddenly exclaimed: “Here is the station!”
had covered
22. It (to be) nearly eleven o’clock when we (to begin) doing this work.
was, began
was, begin
is, began
23. We (to drink) tea when the telephone (to ring).
were drinking, rang
drank, rang
were drinking, was ringing
drank, was ringing
24. Everybody (to be) at the door of the museum, but my friend (not yet to come).
was, hadn’t come
were, hadn’t come
was, came
were, came
25. The rain (to shop) by the time we (to reach) home.
had stopped, reached
stopped, had reached
stopped, reached
26. They (to sit) in the room when the taxi arrived.
were sitting
had sat
27. Johnny noticed that everybody (to look) at him, and he (to feel) shy.
was looking, felt
were looking, was feeling
looked, felt

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